Purposeful Parents is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization that was founded in 2012 by Life Coach, Krystal Shanell. A personal journey of single parenting as a teenager was the foundation for the organization that was created to provide supportive services and resources for parents and their children. The organization places emphasis on parental education implementing resources, services, peer development, and supportive facilitation. Parents who attend our program find purpose, strength, and help giving them reach empowerment that places them on the pursuit of their purpose for their families. We provide fundamental processes that helps parents raise powerful children. Trying to break the cycle of teenage pregnancy, incarceration, and violence, poverty, and other generational deficits is the centered goal. We offer referrals to programs both governmental and private and also keep all services are confidential. Housed in The Houston Metropolitan area, Purposeful Parents has crossed markets and become regional by being incorporated in both Texas and Louisiana, with plans to expand in 2020. Support is given each parent whether they need resources or just a listening ear. Some parents often feel alone, rejected, and need to know they have support, ensuring them that they are doing their very best despite the hardships they face. Purposeful Parents also partners with other organizations to care for the community; volunteering in nursing homes, helping the homeless, the elderly, and other various projects. Caring for the needs of community is its mission, and helping empower families to be self-sustainable and healthy in every area of life. Iron Sharpens Iron, and Purposeful Parents intends on helping every single paren it touches be purposeful,“Because parents with purpose produce powerful children!”

A Message From The Founder

My own journey of raising 5 children alone is the reason I started this organization. Single mothers are some of the most amazing people on the planet, and regardless as to how she got into that situation, she has purpose! Some of us don't know our purpose, and others don't know how to activate it! All she needs is someone to encourage when she is weak and push her when she wants to give up. We are here for YOU, because you have purpose, and GIRL YOU'RE ON FIRE... 

To parents who are not single, even for you it isn't easy! The constant struggle to raise in a world that is not conducive to the path you desire can be challenging. We salute your efforts. Take a moment to clap for yourself. You are getting it done, even when the odds are stacked against you. Thank you for your continued commitment to put your children first. 

Last but not least, single dads I couldn't forget about you. The strength you carry to build a foundation for your family is commendable. You are doing the work, and we stand with you as you see the labor of your work. We appreciate you. You are needed. 



Krystal Shanell Sias

"Everything you need to succeed is already inside of you, now discover and release it!"
"...to whom much is given, much will be required..."

Krystal Sias

Executive Director

Nadia Sias

Director of Administration

Jennifer Vincent

Director of Compliance & Diversity​



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