Helping Houston's Homeless

In 2017, we were hands on the ground serving Hurricane Harvey victims from August to December. Purposeful Parents is dedicated to ensure the needs of those in need are met. It is our duty to provide assistance to our sisters and brothers who need us. In 2018 we will continue to serve those that suffer from homelessness, while working toward providing a cure to end the situation. 

#Holidays4homeless is an annual initiative providing homeless individuals with basic needs while fighting to end homelessness and get them placed.

We are provide resources

to homeless women and children in shelters and around the Houston Metropolitan area that has been caused circumstances including natural disasters. 

Our vision is to lend a helping hand, building the community one individual at a time from the effects of Hurricane Harvey long term.

Our goal is to provide over 100 homeless women and children with the following items:

  • Food and beverages

  • Toiletries 

  • Toys

  • Educational Items

  • Clothing

  • Household items (soap, cleaning and laundry supplies, etc.)

  • Gloves, Socks, and Undergarments

Homeless Packs are Done
Time for a selfie
Always willing to lend a helping han
War War II Veteran
Working Hard
198 Homeless Packs
Our Director Works Hard
This Warms Our Heart To Help
What Is She Saying
Happy To Receive A Hoodie
An Awesome Team
#hoodies4homeless  event was a success we served 196 homeless people in downtown Houston #nonprofit
Its hard to find men who are willing to serve others with pride and integrity..
Our lady volunteers today were everything! It was a pleasure to serve our Houston Community with the

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