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The program is a combination of peer mentoring, educational training, clinical supportive services, and coaching development that is engagement based. Participants are placed in group settings and given examples, spaces to communicate, connect, and be transparent. This program is unique as it is clinically supported with a mentoring standpoint. P.A.P.P.S. supports the enhancement of an entire family, supporting the function of an emotionally, financially, and economically healthy single parent home that is self-sustainable. The program utilizes its own inhouse curriculum that has been specifically built for parents. The Purpose Series Parenting Education Curriculum is a scope and sequence program designed to provide immediate education, support, empowerment and resources to single parents and their children who are striving to rise above extenuating circumstances. The program is interactive and seeks to establish a learning trajectory of focused sessions designed to connect and unlock the potential and capacity of parents that will impact their personal lives and parenting of children.

Click the PDF below for more information on the program. The link contains the full details of the program that will download directly to your device. 

P.A.P.P.S.- Parents Achieving Purposeful Parenting Successfully To provide immediate support, empowerment, engagement, resources, and education to parents who are striving to rise their children above extenuating circumstances. The components of the program and topics of discussion are as follows:

  • Parenting (single parenting, co-parenting, parental education, married parenting)

  • Personal Empowerment & Self Discovery)

  • Physical Health Support

  • Financial Literacy

  • Leadership

  • Children Education

  • Continuing Education

  • Resources Available

  • Purpose (identity, self-esteem, careers, goals, peer development)

  • Mental Health Awareness (coping tools, personal development.internal awareness, peer recovery, postpartum depression, and self-identity)



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